Jennifer Aniston just can't make the tabloids happy.

Getting married didn’t throw the tabloids off her trail.

After years of weathering the “Poor Jen” narrative, you would have thought that Jennifer Aniston had earned herself a break. She did, after all, manage to FINALLY hook a bloke after being hideously cuckolded by Angelina Jolie all those years ago.

You may have wondered what the tabloids were going to do now that Jennifer Aniston had done the right thing and wed an eligible bachelor, the endlessly handsome Justin Theroux.

Sure, they could have gone with Aniston’s Big-Ben-sized biological clock, but nope; they found something else.

The Daily Mail this week led with a detailed critique of Jennifer Aniston’s “fuller face” and “rounder figure” on her return from honeymoon.

Without actually using the term, ‘fat’, Daily Mail used every other implication and innuendo under the sun to negatively analyse Aniston’s body and tear her down.

Yes, apparently Aniston has now committed the heinous crime of walking while sporting (what was probably a fleeting) double chin.

A crime so egregious that it deserved a two-page spread.

Instead of reporting on her glowing skin or that she’s back working on an incredible female-led film (starring Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts) or even the fact that she enjoys keeping healthy by exercising regularly, they comment on how devastatingly awful it is that she could have possibly gained a kilo or two while on holiday.

It should be noted, the entire basis of this article stems from one photo – taken while she was exercising (when everyone looks less than fresh).


It seems that Aniston is no longer committing the crime of being Tragically Single. But she still has broken the cardinal rule set for all women: Don’t Get Fat.

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In a week during which the media has been dominated with horrific images of humanitarian crisis, it’s disheartening that Jennifer Aniston’s “rounder figure” is what the Daily Mail feels is necessary for a two page spread.

Did the Aniston headline make you angry?