Jenna Dewan Tatum finally got the hair change she's wanted for years.

Here’s something to brighten up your Monday: even Hollywood starlets have supermodel #hairspo.

Jenna Dewan Tatum has chopped her locks into a choppy lob with a chunky fringe. Her hair inspiration? Helena Christensen.

In a standard ‘back of the car selfie’, Jenna captioned her new look with, ‘Name of my biography: Always Chasing Helena Christensen.’

Name of my biography: Always Chasing Helena Christensen #Repost @kristin_ess

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Okay, write this down: according to her hairdresser Kristin Ess (who posted the picture), the style is an ‘A-line soft shag with bangs’. Slightly choppy with a soft feathered base. Very nice.

But here’s the clincher: the fringe part of the scenario isn’t real.

This is a fake fringe, people. The soft fringe is just a clip-in addition to Jenna’s hair to trial run a look she’s been ‘wanting for ages.’

“So, she has wanted a bang forever. I feel like she’s been asking me to make her a fake bang for about two years. We finally did it!” said hairdresser Kristin.


Way to spill the beans, babe.

“Once we saw her own hair with a full bang, it just looked too heavy, so we razored it into a soft shag with an A-line base.”

Here’s the full look:

We’re obsessed with the idea of being able to trial run a fringe without the full commitment. So for those playing along at home, here’s how Kristin achieved the look:

“Product wise, it was prepped with Oribe thickening spray, dried with an Elchim dryer and a Spornette porcupine round brush, then very loosely bent with the 1 1/4-in. Marcel iron,” she said.

“Last I scrunched in some lightweight curl creme (of which I can’t exactly give you the name yet!). That gives it a more natural, tousled, airdried looking finish.”

If you’re wanting to test run a fringe of your own, we love the Headlines hair pieces, which start from $99. We’ve found a perfect match to Jenna’s choppy fringe, here.