One of our favourite Block couples are having a baby.

A baby Blockhead is on the way.

Jenna and Chris, the runners-up from the last season of The Block, have announced that they are expecting their first child.

And they knew during the depressing finale of the TV show… but couldn’t tell us.

The couple spoke to Woman’s Day. “We kind of wanted to announce it on the night because this year’s auction was really sad,” said Chris. “We had a few opportunities but it was still really early and Jen hadn’t reached the 12-week mark so we didn’t want to risk it.”

First, they made a nice living room. Now, they’ve made a baby.

Chris and Jenna won $310,000 during the auction of their apartment. On Father’s Day this year, Jenna, 27, took a pregnancy test, and got to tell Chris, 25, that he was going to be a Daddy. She is now 14 weeks along.

It’s big news for the couple, who wanted children before they started filming the reality show. Thanks to their work on The Block, things are a bit more financially secure now.

Congratulations, Chris and Jenna. We’ve got a baby-sized screwdriver ready for you.

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