A blogger was mocked for her 'microscopic' engagement ring. And she doesn't give a toss.

Jen Phanomrat was thrilled when her partner of nine years proposed to her with exactly the type of delicate ring she wanted.

But what was a happy moment was almost spoiled when, after sharing her exciting announcement on Instagram, she was ruthlessly mocked for the size of the engagement ring.

Jen and her partner, Leo Samanamud are New York-based food bloggers. Their YouTube channel, Just Eat Life, has more than 80,000 subscribers.

And Jen was shocked to find so many of her fans would choose to deride her fiance’s choice. Things turned so nasty, she chose to delete the comment section on the post.

9 years later, I said YES to my best friend! ❤️

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Among the messages were ones suggesting Leo had asked for “the smallest ring ever made” and others asking “Where’s the ring?”

“So are we all just going to pretend like that ring isn’t microscopically small?” one asked.

Jen told Yahoo Lifestyle she was particularly surprised it was mainly women behind the critical comments. Some even turned a photo of her ring into memes, one asking, “Ladies, would you accept the ring and say yes?”

“I’ve always been an advocate for women supporting women, so I was shocked to see so many females wasting their time replying to each other to dampen our happy moment,” Jen said.


For their information, she added, the ring actually showed just how much her partner knew and cared about her.

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“He knew exactly what type of ring I’d love. A delicate, hammered gold ring with a tiny pearl.”

“I don’t usually wear any jewellery, but when I do, it’s simple and minimal.”

Thankfully, the gorgeous ring received the love it deserved from other fans, including one who wrote: “Love the ring and especially love how happy you two look!”

There are plenty of engagement ring trends that are far more unusual than simply getting a “small ring”, like the piercing ring and Pokemon ring just to name a couple. And frankly, who gives a toss? All that matters is the couple is happy.

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