Jen Hawke has reportedly shared a sinister warning about The Bachelorette's Blake Colman.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve watched on gleefully as some of our favourite Bachelor alums have been spotted heading to Fiji for the filming of Bachelor in Paradise.

But this latest news is a little more serious.

Blake Colman could be involved in Australia’s first season of Bachelor in Paradise.

The same Blake Colman who was convicted this year of assaulting a stranger in 2015.

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The same Blake Colman who police are currently investigating for allegedly threatening to send nude photos of his ex, Jen Hawke, to the media after their brief relationship ended earlier this year.

According to the Daily Mail, police have confirmed that Hawke sought an AVO out against Colman which would prevent him from entering her home state of New South Wales.

Hawke is rumoured to be the first intruder in next year’s Bachelor in Paradise and a source has told the Daily Mail that Hawke believes it’s a huge mistake to involve Colman in the show.

“Jen made it very clear that she would never appear on the same show as Blake, especially after the revenge porn threats he made towards her,” the source said.

“She has even expressed concern for the safety of both the men and women who are on the island with Blake, not only is he facing revenge porn allegations but has faced court over a physical assault of somebody.”


Hawke has previously spoken to Now To Love about her experience with Colman.

“What I really want women to know is that domestic abuse isn’t just a violent act against you. It is someone emotionally intimidating you, it is someone emotionally manipulating you,” she said.

Hawke then shared her advice for anyone experiencing domestic abuse, suggesting they should find someone they trust and “talk to them about it”.

“The whole issue with Blake is, it is domestic abuse. It is violence against women. It is harassment against women. We need to talk about it and not put the blame game on women and say, ‘She’s asking for it! She chose to be with that person’.

“Blake and I have nothing to do with each other and the police are doing their job at the moment, that’s all I’m really allowed to say about it while the investigation is ongoing.”

Colman has already been spotted heading to Fiji for filming, so it appears the Bachelor franchise producers are still prepared to give him airtime despite the allegations against him.

The first season of Bachelor in Paradise will air on TEN early next year.

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