Jennifer Aniston has made a cute new friend, reminding us why she's still so damn likeable.

It’s the kind of ad we’ve seen a thousand times: fancy airline, fancy plane, fancy yourself here?

But there’s something about the new Emirates commercial starring Jennifer Aniston that gives us something more.

Aniston plays co-star to a sweet little boy she finds playing with a toy plane in the first class cabin.

As the 47-year-old actress guides him back towards his economy seat, the pair bond.

I've heard of snakes on a plane but STAIRS? (Source: Emirates/YouTube)

When they reach the boy's classic dopey dad and his child introduces the A-list star as his 'co-pilot', the man is sent into a spin.

The mother then appears and just as we're expecting some kind of 'other woman' dialogue to play out, the scene ends.


And instead, we cut to the boy's mum having traded seats with Aniston.

Unknown woman so close to my husband? Commence THE LASER BEAM. (Source: Emirates/YouTube).

While Aniston continues to entertain the child, the mother is given a hard earned rest.

It may seem a bit corny but it's actually quite progressive. Who knew an attractive unknown woman could exist without being objectified and posing a threat to the family unit?

The ad brings life to a tired genre and we're placing it all on the shoulders of Aniston.

Warm, funny and genuine.

It's no wonder there are still die hard team Branistons out there.