8 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and a barn: Inside YouTuber Jeffree Star's $21 million mega-mansion.

When Jeffree Star woke up in his new Hidden Hills home for the first time, he sobbed.

“I cried happy tears this morning because it has been such a crazy journey getting here,” the 34-year-old said.

“Sometimes people only see the success or the rewards, but – on a real level – six years ago I had $500 to my name.”

The beauty YouTuber and owner of the wildly popular makeup brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, recently purchased a French Normandy-style mega-mansion for US$14.6 million dollars (AU$21.2 million).

The home, which is located inside a gated community, has eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a guesthouse, a 10-car garage and a barn.

Take a glimpse inside Jeffree Star’s previous Calabasas mansion below. Post continues after video.

Announcing the move on Twitter in December, Star wrote: “Next week Nathan and I are putting up our house for sale! We are ready for a big change… 2020 let’s f***ing do this.

“We found the perfect new house only a few miles away but it’s more private, has everything we need and room to grow for our family. Praying everything goes perfect!”

Prior to moving into the new home, real estate photos of Star’s house were shared online.

Similar to the beauty mogul’s lifestyle, the house is completely over-the-top. It features a two-storey gym, wine cellar, personal day spa, games room, cinema… we could go on.

A very low-key exterior. Image: Zillow.
Of course, two staircases are much better than one. Image: Zillow.
OR he can take the glass lift. Image: Zillow.
Just one of the 13 bathrooms. Image: Zillow.
The two-storey gym. Image: Zillow.
After a stressful day, what better place to go than the spa? Image: Zillow.
Or have a vino in your private cellar. Image: Zillow.
Ok, now we're drooling. WOW. Image: Zillow.
A delightful lookout onto Hidden Hills, California. Image: Zillow.

Star also shared a tour of his new home in early January.

In the 36-minute YouTube video, which has since been viewed 20 million times, Star showed fellow YouTube stars Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams around the property.

jeffree star house
The pool is... huge. Image: YouTube.
jeffree star house
Star plans to turn this barn into a 'Beauty Barn'. Image: YouTube.
jeffree star house
A private sauna. Image: YouTube.
jeffree star house
The home's gym even has a urinal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Image: YouTube.
jeffree star house
The 10-car garage. Image: YouTube.
jeffree star house
Star has a room solely for his four dogs. Image: YouTube.
jeffree star house
Yep, that's three fridges. Image: YouTube.

Previously living in Calabasas, with his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt and their four Pomeranians, Star found that the space was getting too crowded and it was time for an upgrade.

Interestingly, just weeks after moving into the new home, Star and Schwandt announced their split after five years together.


"Imagine not wanting to be famous,” Jeffree explained in a new YouTube video, which now has over 23 million views.

"I know that’s probably shocking to a lot of people. [But] he doesn’t want to leave his house and have people bother him, and I have to respect that. My life is so public, and I think it just got to a breaking point… where it just wasn’t healthy," he continued.

"Now, he is my one and only true love and when you are watching someone you love go through really harsh things, and depression, and anxiety, and you can’t fix it and you want to so bad, it’s devastating, so we’ve both been really going through it."

Feature Image: YouTube and Zillow.