Found: an explanation for your jeans' most annoying habit.

I like to think of myself as a pretty laid back person.

My hair’s a lil’ bit oily? No problemo. My car’s missing two hubcaps? No big deal.

But there’s one thing – one tiny but somehow bloody noticeable thing – that makes me twitch with frustration.

The jeans twist.


Yep. No matter what pair of skinny jeans I buy, or how many precious clams they cost me - it seems the left leg's seam wants to go rogue and greet the middle of my ankle, where it just does not freakin' belong.

And this happens with Every. Single. Pair.

In the middle of a rage blackout, I decided to confront the Internet Gods and ask why - WHY INTERNET GODS - why does this keep happening to me?

To my surprise, I am not alone. There's actually a wonky jeans epidemic happening right on our very legs.

I found Reddit threads. I found forums on Yahoo Answers (which, I'll be honest, I didn't know still existed). I found pure, sheer chaos of the twisted jeans variety. And I found it everywhere I clicked.

Exhibit one of the 1253927 forums about twisted jeans. (Image: Yahoo answers)

Lucky for you lot, I have found answers.

According to Heddels.comthe super annoying jeans twist occurs because of two things: the kind of denim used, and the way it has been stitched together.


If your jeans are made with unsaforised denim (raw denim) this means they will be more prone to shrinkage in the wash compared to saforised denim (commercially manufactured denim), which has been fixed and shrunk in length at the mill.

The first time you wash raw denim, it shrinks over 10 per cent.

Another fallen soldier. (Image: IMGUR)

The direction of the denim's weave also comes into play with shrinkage - the denim shrinks the way of the weave. This is the reason your left leg's seam moves to the left (the middle of your ankle), and your right leg's seam moves behind your leg.

Weird, right?!

What can make things worse is if your jeans stitch was skewed when they were manufactured. This makes the whole shebang even more noticeable.

Sadly, there's absolutely no way to fix the twist once it's happened. The main thing to do is check whether the denim is unsaforised or saforised when you buy a pair, and make sure you keep machine washing to an absolute minimum.

Let's have a moment of silence for all the jeans that are officially lost causes.

May they rest in peace.