He's been at the centre of the Nobel scandal. Today, Jean-Claude was found guilty of rape.


A Swedish court has found Jean-Claude Arnault, at the centre of a scandal that has rocked the body that awards the Nobel literature prize, guilty of rape and sentenced him to two years’ jail.

Arnault, 72, had been charged with two counts of rape by a district court in Stockholm. The court acquitted him of one.

The crisis forced the Swedish Academy to cancel this year’s literature prize, which would have been announced this month, and prompted some of its 18 members to quit.

Arnault’s lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig, was not immediately available for comment but says Arnault denies all allegations.

Arnault is married to a member of the Swedish Academy.

He has been at the centre of a scandal that has thrown the Swedish Academy into its worst crisis since its founding more than 200 years ago by the Swedish king.

The verdict coincides with this year’s Nobel Prize announcements.