Jealous wife asks the internet for relationship advice, and gets completely torn apart.

It’s a tale as old as time.

Woman meets man. Man and woman fall in love. Woman and man get married. Then woman throws out man’s photos of his late wife.

Wait. What?

This is not a thing that happens.

A woman on Reddit has admitted to throwing out her husband’s late wife’s photos. She says her pretty damn awful petty act has made her husband “hate her”. Which is understandable.

In her post the woman explains that she met her husband four years ago and it was love at first sight. Although he was a widower with a daughter, she wanted to be with him so badly she didn’t let that get in the way of their relationship.

But she admits that right from the start of their relationship, she was jealous of his late wife.

“He had pictures of her around his home, his family loved her and talked about her, his daughter the same, his friends the same,” she explained.

She said she spoke to her then-boyfriend about her feelings and he took down some of the photos, but his home still felt like it belonged to his late wife.

The woman goes on to explain that when they got married they decided to buy their own home. While they were in the process of moving the woman came across a box of old photos of the late wife and she just “snapped”.


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“I threw the ones with her away. When we were putting photos up in the new house, I didn’t put any of her except one with my stepdaughter,” she writes.

“There was a box of her things and I donated some of the items and threw the rest away. I even went onto the computer and deleted photos he had stored on there.”

After two years of marriage, the woman’s husband has just discovered what she did and, needless to say, he’s not happy about it.

“He’s very angry at me and can barely look at me,” she says. “I’ve asked him to go to marriage counselling but he refuses.”

To complicate things further, the jealous wife is now 13 weeks pregnant with her husband’s baby.

At the end of her post, the woman admits that she’s screwed up and asks the forum to help fix her crumbling marriage.

“I know that I am hormonal right now and my mind is wandering around to every outcome that could happen, but what if this is the end of my marriage? I can’t let that happen and need to fix this.”

The response to the jealous wife’s post was swift and, erm, fierce.

It turns out most of the population agrees that throwing out the photos of your husband’s late wife is a pretty damn sh**ty thing to do.



Please never do this, people.

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