Jayson Brunsdon's son star of new campaign.

Australian fashion designer Jayson Brunsdon has launched his first children’s range with his baby boy at the heart of the campaign.

Brunsdon says it was “natural” to feature his 15-month-old son Roman because he was the inspiration behind it.

“You’re stuck at home for six months and you come of that bubble and you start looking around in shops for things and you just can’t find exactly what you want,” said Brunsdon.

“So we started looking for Roman and it was a natural progression that we should put him in the campaign. He’s such a cutie anyway. He’s gorgeous.”

Roman wears his father's designs. Image supplied.

On set, the toddler was on his best behaviour and didn't cause any dramas.

"He loves jumping around and having his photos taken - and playing with all the other kids. He’s a natural. He had a lot of fun, " said the designer.

But even gorgeous toddlers have limits - so organisers had to run the shoot to tight time constraints.

"You’ve got like a half hour window before concentration kind of wanes and he gets hungry."

But Roman's not new to the limelight, he was on a Vogue shoot at two months old.

"Roman was really comfortable standing on the set with 20 people looking on. I guess he’s used it now – he’s an old pro."

The clothing range is for children aged one to six and comprises of 150 styles with prices from $9.95 to $79.95.

"We wanted to take vintage, quirky,  little romantic style pieces - which is what we’ve always done - and apply them to childrenswear," said Brunsdon.

The fashion line also includes formal pieces for parties and christenings because Brunsdon and his partner, Aaron, saw a gap in the market place for "affordable cool, stylish pieces for children".  The designs were created by both parents.


"It's [the clothing range]  as much Aaron's as is it is mine. He was really into it because he does a lot of shopping around for Roman."

Roman was born via a surrogate mother in Thailand, and is also a genetic mix of the couple.

"I see a lot of myself in him when I look at him, which is very heartwarming," said Brunsdon.

"I see more of Aaron in his personality  - because he’s very outgoing and he’s quite humorous in his character. I’m a little bit more withdrawn."

Roman (right) poses alongside other child models. Image supplied.

The pair have had to make adjustments to their busy life - juggling work and a baby.

"When we got back when he was first born we went straight into fashion week.

"So the first six months for me was full-on at work. Then I got to point where I thought - 'My God, I cant do this, this is too much' - so I started easing off a little.  Aaron started coming to work more often -  which is why we both collaborated on working on the childrenswear."

But let's admit it - this child was always going to be fashionable.

"I think that as a parent it is your responsibility to instill a certain sense of style into a child when they’re really young."

"Then they’ll grow up comfortable with what they’ve been put in and they ‘ll go towards that. It’s a nice thing to do. It’s a fun thing to do."

But it doesn't stop there, the designer is launching an organic skincare line for babies in August. It includes a host of healthy living organic products that will be sure to be put to good use  - like nappy balm and wipes.

But Brunsdon says he doesn't necessarily want his son following in his footsteps in the fashion scene.

"I just hope he grows up happy. He’s a very happy little boy at the moment."

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