Take that, rumours. Jay-Z makes Beyonce a birthday video.

Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy, looking like the happy family we hope they are.


It’s been a tough few months for the King and Queen of the music industry.

Elevator fights, cryptic messages in song lyrics, divorce rumours

But it seems like Beyoncé and Jay-Z are getting back to their roots. Or maybe this latest public display of affection is just a publicity stunt. Hmm.

Anyway, Queen Bey turned 33 yesterday and her supposedly-not-so-doting husband Jay-Z decided to put his producing skills to use and make her a birthday video.

It shows the strong, fearless, feminist warrior we all know and love through clips of her from their On The Run tour doing things Beyoncé does: smiling, twerking, looking sultry, and flicking her glorious mane, of course.

Jay-Z creatively titled the video ‘Happy B Day’ and raps throughout the 33-second clip, which features a backing track of fans cheering. Obviously.

Look, whether you’re a Bey-Z believer or not, there’s no denying the video is sweet. The meaning behind it might not be, though, since it comes at a very convenient time. Is this a ‘Sorry I cheated on you’ video? An ‘I’m a huge jerk’ video? Or is it just ‘My wife is amazing and I want to show her off for her birthday’ video?

I guess we’ll never know for sure.

Happy birthday, Beyoncé!