Premier Jay Weatherill just "dad toned" the entire Government

It’s been called ‘awkward’.

The opposition called it ‘unhinged’.

The ABC called it a ‘slanging match’ and a ‘shirtfront’.

And the Prime Minister questioned the South Australian Premier’s “state of mind”.

But this was no brain explosion.  All Jay Weatherill delivered to Josh Frydenberg yesterday was the most EPIC dad tone this fair nation has seen.

jay weatherill press conference

After yesterday's press conference to launch a 'virtual power plant', the Federal Energy Minister found himself conducting a joint press conference with the Premier and South Australia's Treasurer, Tom Koutsantonis, and another, random man who watched the proceedings like the other child in the family. ie: with the largest sh*t-eating grin you've ever seen.

Part way through hearing about how outstanding the Government are at securing the future of energy for the nation, dad had heard enough:

He calmly sets up what is about to happen in the family household.


And you can see, moment by moment, the ultimate dad brain unfold:

The 'you bloody what' moment:

jay weatherill press conference
The registration.

jay weatherill press conference

And then the ultimate dad tone delivery: dead calm, with a straight face and an even tone, telling Frydenberg that his behaviour was "disgraceful".

jay weatherill press conference

The father of two said it was "galling" to be standing beside Frydenberg after he and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had spent the past six months "bagging South Australia at every step of the way".

Oh, man.

Anyone who has been on the end of the dad tone knows; it hurts. It's savage. "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed" they say and it's worse than a punch in the face because you know you've bloody done it now.

And thus we witnessed a portrait of the ultimate family meeting: put-upon mum, delighted sibling, and the rotten egg getting the "I'm so disappointed in you" talk.

jay weatherill press conference
Every household ever.

Frydenberg later described Weatherill's actions as "unbecoming, childish and unacceptable."

Which is seriously hilarious given the current President of the United States is Donald Trump.

Jay Weatherill couldn't have been further from childish.  The father of two just showed he was the ultimate dad.

So Josh, don't piss Dad off anymore.