A $40,000 J'Aton wedding dress has been stolen from a Melbourne home.

A Melbourne woman has lost her $40,000 wedding dress to thieves who broke into her home last week.

Greenvale resident Leanne Bartucca is devastated after learning her couture J’Aton gown had been taken.

High-profile Australian designers J’Aton are the clever minds behind the dresses of Australian celebrities such as Rebecca Judd, Nadia Bartel and Jodi Anasta.

The Herald Sun reported the gown weighed over 18kg and was made with French lace over 100-years-old.

The lace had been carved into a mixture of leather and tulle to create a slim-fitted off-the-shoulder gown.

Bartucca had planned to re-purpose the fabric for her children’s christening gowns.

“I had dreams of using the fabric from it for my children’s christening gowns, and even framing a section of the fabric for our home,” she said.

The former fashion buyer suspected the thieves were highly-trained and familiar with the ins and out of couture fashion.

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“[The thieves] definitely knew what they were doing. As a former fashion buyer, I was surprised how much they knew — what they left behind was just as telling as what they took,” she said.

The designers were said to be scouring the internet daily in the hopes of spotting the piece.

The gown was so intimately customised the couple’s initials had even been carved into the train.

A Victoria police spokesperson told the Daily Mail they were investigating whether the burglary was connected to another in the Greenvale area.

“A valuable wedding dress and jewellery was stolen from the Dumphries Terrace property on Wednesday, May 25,” the spokesperson said.

“Police are also investigating whether the burglary is linked to another burglary on the same day in the same area.”

The investigation is ongoing with police appealing to anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on: 1800 333 000 or by visiting their website.

* Feature image left via Facebook and right via Instagram/@jatoncouture. 

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