Why this photo of a Queensland MP is attracting all the wrong kind of attention.

The Deputy Premier Jackie Trad has slammed Queensland MP Jason Costigan, the member for the Whitsundays, calling him “sleazy” following an image the 47-year-old posted to Facebook.

“Here’s the LNP Member for Whitsunday creeping on young, foreign tourists on ‘World Bikini Day’,” Trad wrote in a tweet.

“Which he surprisingly celebrates every year. Did you get a good look?” she added.

The politician used the hashtag #sleazey [sic] to describe Costigan in the tweet.

On Facebook, Trad added, “It’s 2018. He’s an elected official. He’s being paid by the taxpayer. And yesterday he was out ‘celebrating’ world bikini day by creeping on young, foreign tourists.”


The image in question was posted to Costigan’s Facebook page on Wednesday and shows the fully dressed politician with his arms around two female tourists in bikinis. He captioned the image, “Celebrating World Bikini Day in Airlie Beach:)”.

Many have echoed Trad’s sentiments, posting on Twitter their agreement.


Many others, however, have criticised Trad for the accusation.

Until 2010, Jason Costigan was a rugby league commentator. He didn’t assume office until 2012.