Two years of disastrous government summed up in less than 90 seconds.

Happy Birthday, Mr Prime Minister.

Earlier this week Tony Abbott celebrated his second anniversary as our Prime Minister  — and what a couple of years it’s been.

Two years on, Opposition MP Jason Clare has celebrated all of Tones’ “achievements” in the top job in this 90 second speech, which has now, quite rightfully, gone viral.

You can watch the full rant here:

Video via Jason Clare

Debt and deficit have gone up along with unemployment, taxes and the flag count, he says.

While investments in healthcare, schools and sustainable energy solutions have gone down.

“The Attorney-General George Brandis told us that people have a right to be bigots, the treasurer told us that poor people don’t drive cars, the minister for agriculture Barnaby Joyce threatened to kill Johnny Depp’s dogs — poor old Pistol and Boo — Prince Phillip got a knighthood, the Speaker got a helicopter and the Prime Minister ate an onion, or two,” he said.

“You know that taste you get when you bite into an onion? Well, that’s the taste that’s been in the back of the mouths of the people of Australia for the last two years.”

What was your favourite moment of the last two years? You can read what he’s achieved as Minister for Women here.

Lest we forget.

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