Jason Biggs tweets insensitive joke just hours after flight MH17 shot down.


Jason Biggs has apoligised for his insensitive ‘jokes’ towards the MH17 tragedy earlier today.

According to his Twitter account the former American Pie star didn’t mean to ‘offend’ followers. Here’s what he had to say:


Mamamia previously reported:

Jason Biggs continues to be a terrible human. 

This morning, he tweeted this hopelessly insensitive joke about the Malaysian Airlines plane that killed 298 people when it was shot down overnight:

And then, when media started reporting on his idiotic tweet, he got angry.

This is an actor who got famous putting his man-parts in a hot apple pie. Now, when he’s not busy being the only terrible thing about excellent TV show Orange Is The New Black, he’s just being insufferable on social media.

Go away, Biggs. Go away.

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