How The Bachelorette's Jarrod spent his first night after being rejected by Sophie Monk.

Watching the moment Jarrod Woodgate learnt that Sophie Monk was picking millionaire publican Stu Laundy over him was sad enough on The Bachelorette last night. Now, it’s even more heartbreaking when we know what the vineyard owner did when he got back to the hotel.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O earlier this morning, the 32 year old said he had “a few cordials which helped me get to sleep.”

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"I rang my parents and my best mate that was in Adelaide and obviously I broke down to them because this is the first time I've felt this in a long time so this was unbelievable," he said.

"My mum was on the vineyard last night so I wasn't able to speak to see her or speak to her [during the finale] but she did send me a message saying I did an amazing job and I was true to Sophie and myself and that she couldn't send the tears through the phone. She was very devastated."

Two months on, the pain is still raw.

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"I'm still hung up on Sophie. I was 110 per cent confident that we were going to be walking off together," he said.


As he stood on the beach immediately after having his heartbroken, Woodgate said he wasn't aware it was being captured on camera.

"I didn't realise that where I was standing that they were filming me, I thought I was off to the side, I just needed 'my time', they captured that and it's hard," he said.

Jarrod Woodgate. Image via Instagram.

"I didn't really care about them, I was more focussed on how I was feeling as a person and knowing that I'd have to say goodbye to Sydney."

In arguably one of the tamest questions Kyle asked - including whether Woodgate had 'self-pleasured' over Sophie to which he gave a resounding 'No' - the radio host inquired whether the vineyard owner had been forced to stay in the cabana next door to Stu and Sophie 'getting to know each other' that night.

"I got put on a boat and got sent to another island. SO there was an ocean in between us which was good because I didn't have to hear anything," he said.

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