In a heartbreaking twist, The Bachelorette's Jarrod has revealed his proposal plan.

At the end of last night’s finale of The Bachelorette, Australians were left feeling all the emotions; slightly ripped off; and something unexpected… All of a sudden, Jarrod Woodgate could do no wrong.

And now, just a day after we learned Sophie Monk left him alone on a beach in Fiji so she could be with her chosen contestant Stu Landy, Jarrod has said he was planning on proposing.

“Going into the finale, I had never felt so confident,” the 31-year-old vineyard owner told TV WEEK, Now To Love reports.

“I’m madly in love with Sophie so popping the question was definitely on the cards.”

It might be, though, that proposals on The Bachelor/ette are cursed.

Cast your minds back to October 2014 when Bachelor Blake Garvey asked Sam Frost to be his bride, presenting her with an (estimated) $58,000 engagement ring while filming in South Africa.

… Only to dump her less than 24 hours after the finale aired.

BACH CHAT: Love is as fickle as a vasectomy. Post continues below.

Still, there is no doubt Jarrod is heartbroken. He says he hasn’t dated since filming finished and, though he admits Sophie and Stu do have “chemistry”, he thinks it was his inflexibility around moving that might have turned her off.

“I’m gutted from the perspective of not being with Sophie. To know that I’ve come this far and we’ve achieved so much together is hard,” he told TV WEEK.

“[Stu] can move around a lot easier than I can. I have the vineyard I have to work on so uplifting is harder for me.”


If that weren’t enough for our weary hearts to handle, Jarrod thanked Sophie in an Instagram post late last night.

His sincerity will make you weep:

“Falling in love is such an incredible experience and really is the best feeling in the world,” he wrote, alongside an image of himself on the show.

“Sophie, thank you. You’ve helped me to learn so much about myself. Opening up to you and sharing my feelings just felt so natural from our first encounter. I wish you all the happiness in the world, you deserve nothing but love and laughter in your life.”

Brb. Tissue run.

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