Jarrod says this is what he'd do if Sophie Monk and Stu really aren't together anymore.

Last week, Bachelorette runner-up Jarrod Woodgate told Mamamia that he “will always love” Sophie Monk despite the fact that she dumped him in front of a primetime, national television audience.

So much so, it seems, he’s ready to swoop in should her relationship with winner, Stu Laundy, go sour.

During a post-finale interview on The Project on Friday night, panellist Meshel Laurie questioned whether the vineyard owner was “still here” for the singer/actress, or if his feelings had changed after viewing Thursday’s season-ending episode.

“I definitely still feel that way,” the 31-year-old told the Channel 10 program. “The feelings are still there. Sophie and I had something real; the connection we had and the emotions we grew over time. What people don’t see behind the scenes is what we’ve actually achieved together, and that’s what makes it the hardest part.”

,” she told The Project panellist Meshel Laurie.

“I’ve seen all the articles,” the former pop singer continued. “I’m pregnant [too] apparently.”

For Woodgate’s sake, let’s hope not. I don’t think the poor bloke’s heart could take it.

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