We asked Jarrod if he will seriously always love Sophie Monk.

When Jarrod Woodgate was dumped in front of one million odd people on television last night, he said, and I quote: 

“I will always love Sophie.”

Oh…. honey, no.

We all know that feeling of fresh, brutal heartbreak, and that overwhelming sense of; “I will never, ever get over this”. But, inevitably, you do.

Will Jarrod still love Sophie when he finds a new partner? And potentially marries her? And has children? And is 92 years old, watering his pot plants, reflecting on his long and fulfilling life?


We were unsettled, so this morning we asked Jarrod directly: “Will you seriously always love Sophie Monk?”

“I will always… yeah definitely… I will always love Sophie,” Jarrod told Mamamia. “She will always have a place in my heart. If she ever needed a friend or wanted to chat or catch up then I’d be there for her.

“I’d still like to be friends with Sophie… I mean we’ve been through a lot and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Stu to be with Sophie if it’s not me.”

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Jarrod spoke us through his heartbreak, explaining that on the day of the finale (filming literally took an entire day) he thought he was, “going to be that guy leaving the island with Sophie.”

“I was 110 per cent committed. I thought this was happening,” Jarrod said.

But there was a very specific moment when he realised things were not going to go his way. And NO. It wasn’t the look of unequivocal pity written all over Osher’s face.

“I realised with Sophie that when she does the rose ceremony and she’s unsure of what she’s going to do she puts her head down and tilts to the left and looks at the ground. And she did that just after she explained that she didn’t want to go with her head she wanted to go with her heart… and I saw her head go down.”


And then we watched Jarrod crumble.

Today, the whole of Australia woke up traumatised, after putting our plants out in solidarity with Jarrod, the man whose only crime was loving too much. 

"Better to have loved and lost..." etc. etc.

But here at Mamamia we dig a little deeper. We go beyond the headlines. We ask the questions no one else dares to.

"So, did you ever find out who pissed in your pot plant?" we asked Jarrod.

And... yeah. He thinks he did.

Apparently Ryan owned up. Meaning that Blake was wrongly framed and Jesus we are going to make a true crime podcast out of this never-ending saga.

And as for the status of the pot plant?

It's still in the mansion. It's being watered, and we can only assume that Osher is the gardener.