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A princess is surrendering her title so she can marry the man she loves.

We’ve all made some kind of sacrifice for love at some point or another. Perhaps it cost us a friend, a job or just a fair share of the doona.

But Princess Mako of Japan is about to pluck a page right out of an epic love-story to be with her special fella.

She’s going to renounce her crown.

According to the BBC, The Imperial Household of Japan has confirmed Princess Mako plans to marry law firm worker Kei Komuro, whom she met as a student in 2012.

In keeping with the nation’s laws, the 25-year-old will be forced to relinquish her royal status to proceed with the nuptials. Essentially, in order to marry a commoner, she must become one.

Princess Mako and Kei Komuro. Images: Getty.

Princess Mako is the second in her family to take such a romantic leap.

Her aunt, Sayako Kuroda, set a precedent in 2005 when she surrendered her crown to marry a Tokyo-based urban planner.

According to the BBC, it was a steep learning curve for the former royal, who was faced for the first time with life in the real world and everything that comes with it - shopping, driving, a one-bedroom apartment.

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Princess Mako's life is marginally less sheltered.

She works as a researcher at a museum having obtained a Masters degree from the University of Leicester following her studies at Tokyo's International Christian University.

It was then, five years ago, that she met fellow student Komuro.

The pair's engagement is yet to be made official, but plans are reportedly underway for a public announcement.