Australian radio star is concerned she may have Hepatitis A from frozen berries.

Radio personality and actress Jane Hall is concerned she may have contracted Hepatitis A.

Speaking on Matt Tilley & Jane Hall for Breakfast on KIIS 101.1 today, 44-year-old Hall revealed she has recently eaten frozen berries and has been feeling unwell.

She is now planning to visit the doctor for tests.

Jane Hall.

“I have eaten many of the berries,” Hall revealed on this morning’s show.

“Yes we all have, but only one of us has lay on the floor in meetings and groaned, and had to leave early,” co-host Matt Tilley responded.

Hall elaborated that she’s been feeling unwell “for a week or so”.

“Not you know, struck down but just frankly, not good,” she said.

Matt Tilley and Jane Hall.

Asked if she would take tests to confirm whether she’d contacted the disease, Hall responded: “Yes. The long of the short of it is, I need to.”

She confirmed she had been suffering both vomiting and diarrhea, both of which can be symptoms of the disease.

More than 13 people have been infected across Australia after eating frozen berries sourced from China. Other symptoms can include fever, a loss of appetite, nausea, dark-coloured urine and abdominal discomfort.

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ABC News reports poor hygiene among worker, as well as contaminated water supplies, are thought to be behind the contamination.

Hall replaced Yumi Stynes on a Mix 101.1 show with Chrissie Swan in 2012. After Swan left the show, Hall began working on the weekday Matt & Jane show with Tilley on the rebranded KIIS 101.1.

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Our thoughts and best wishes are with Hall.