Jana Pittman is creating a van to travel with her family that sleeps 8-10 people. We're obsessed.

First you've got to take the time off work

Then you've got to organise all of the gear you're going to need to take with you — packing the children's necessities, making sure you've got a zillion spare changes of clothes, contingencies for every scenario and a hearty first aid kit because... kids.

Embarking on a road trip holiday with the whole family isn't for the fainthearted but for anyone who grew up in a ~camping~ household you'll most likely have the most wholesome memories from those days out on the great open road.

That smoky campfire smell, making friends at the campsites and swimming at the beach until the sun goes down. Ain't nothing quite like it.

And now Australian sports star Jana Pittman is about to make those core memories for her family, who are set to embark on an epic road trip — and they're creating a custom home on wheels specially for the adventure.

A few day ago, the Olympic athlete, doctor and mother of six announced that she will be undertaking a new project that is a little different from her sporting days. In an Instagram post, Pittman let her followers know she has purchased a van to convert, and is heading on the road with all of her kids. 

(And if you need another reminder, there are six of them. That's a lot of people in a fairly small space!)


"Can't believe we are really going to do this!" the 41-year-old wrote on Instagram, sharing the start of the journey with her followers. "Our Merc sprinter van started its conversion to campervan today."

Pittman then explained that they had started working with a company called Vanology, whose team members helped the family dream up a design that would allow the van to sleep eight to 10 people.

Image: Instagram/@janapittmanofficial


Opening up about the process, Pittman said that she has worked closely with the designers to come up with a layout that is perfect for her family, which includes kids Cornelis, 16, Emily, eight, Jemina, seven, Charlie, three, and two-year-old twins Willow and Quinlan.

"It's taken months of preparation and planning," she wrote. "Feel like it might just be a first of its kind."

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Video via Mamamia.

When you think about all of the things you might need to comfortably accommodate six kids and potentially two adults in a small van — it really does seem like meticulous architecture would come into play.


Beds, storage, a sink (??) and perhaps somewhere to rest your feet — we can't wait to see how this all turns out.

Image: Instagram/@janapittmanofficial

While the van conversion has only just begun, Pittman says they've already affectionately named the vehicle 'Billy the bumblebee', a nod to the humble insect that "can't fly (its weight is too much for its wings to carry), but it doesn't know this so goes on flying anyway. The impossible is possible with a little faith!"


Image: Instagram/@janapittmanofficial

Pittman ended the post by telling her followers to "watch this space", with the family set to embark on their maiden voyage in October with a trip to Tasmania. 

She'll no doubt be using her social media to take us along the transformation journey and can't wait to watch it all unfold.

Feature Image: Instagram/@janapittmanofficial

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