Jamila Rizvi's wedding was this weekend. And it was magnificent.

Our incredible Editor-In-Chief, Jamila Rizvi, got married on Sunday, and in true Rizvi form she #won at weddings.

She married her gorgeous now-husband, Jeremy Smith, in a ceremony at Stones of the Yarra Valley, just outside of Melbourne.

Some of the Mamamia team were lucky enough to attend the event, and we were absolutely blown away by the entire day.

From Jamila’s incredible dress, a gown by Melbourne-based, vintage-inspired designer Anna Campbell, to the styling and flowers, executed perfectly by The Style Co.

The bridesmaids’ dusty nude dresses were from White Runway, a website dedicated to formal wear, and complimented Jamila’s dress perfectly. All three of them looked stunning, and one of the bridesmaids had a total Pippa Middleton bottom situation going on.

Congratulations to Jamila and Jeremy! Of course you want to see ALL the pictures, right?

Jamila’s stunning wedding dress is Anna Campbell. Image via Mamamia/Instagram.

Jamila’s Anna Campbell dress from the back. Image via Mia Freedman/Instagram.

The stunning bridesmaids dresses were from White Runway. Image via Mamamia/Instagram.

The very versatile bridesmaids dresses were from White Runway. Image via Mim Rizvi/Instagram.


Flowers were from The Style Co. Image via Rosie Waterland/Instagram.

The gorgeous floral arch, courtesy of The Style Co. Image via Laura Varsanyi/Instagram. 

Stones of the Yarra Valley is a one hour drive from Melbourne’s CBD. Image via Mamamia/Instagram.

Jamila and Jeremy wrote their own vows (and they had us all blubbering after a couple of lines), but the official duties were performed by marriage celebrant from The Commitment Company, a Melbourne-based company.

Image via Rosie Waterland/Instagram.

The bride’s good friend, singer Clare Bowditch, didn’t help us keep dry eyes as she serenade us all with her sweet song ‘You Make Me Happy’. Oh, to have a voice like Clare’s!

Image via The Commitment Company/Instagram.

Jeremy and Jamila. Image via Jamila Rizvi/Instagram.

The many faces of the adorable Jeremy and Jamila. Image via Mim Rizvi/Instagram.

For more photos from Jamila and Jeremy’s wedding, click through the gallery below.