The Chop: Jamila Rizvi loses "five kilos" of hair. (Well, almost.)

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Picture Rapunzel’s long, incredible hair. Our editor-in-chief Jamila Rizvi has that hair.

Well she did, until about a week ago when she decided to chop off seven inches of it. Yep, that’s about 18cm — she doesn’t do things by halves, that Jamila Rizvi.

“I’ve had my hair long — past the under-boob line — for about four years now,” Jam says. “The colour has changed a lot but not the length.”

Jamila pre-chop. See what we mean about mermaid hair?

With a little (okay, rather a lot of) help from Lauren MacKellar of Edwards and Co., Jam's hair has gone from mermaid length to what she calls a 'long long bob', inspired by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Olivia Palermo.

Not only did Lauren take off several inches of length, she also thinned out Jam's hair by "five kilos" — which is a joke, although being pregnant has only served to bulk up Jam's already lusciously thick hair, so Lauren mightn't be far off the mark with that comment.

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Incredibly, even after this big chop and having her hair thinned by half, Jam still manages to have more hair than anyone in the office.

The result? Take a look below. Lauren predicts Jam will want to go even shorter next time, and we think she might be right... (Post continues after gallery.)


What made you decide to make a big change?

"The change was prompted by the fact long hair is a lot of work. It's beautiful and luxurious but you have to work at that luxury and keeping it in decent condition. I'm seven months pregnant and the idea of having just one more thing to take care of on top of a newborn felt silly. So I wanted to go short. Or at least - shorter."

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What sorts of things were you looking at to get inspiration for your hair transformation?

"I looked at a whole lot of brunette celebrity lobs. I like Jessica Alba's in particular because it seemed versatile, working with curls, messy beach waves or dead straight. Olivia Palermo also has a great, slightly longer lob." (Post continues after gallery.)


How did you describe what you wanted to the hairdresser?

"I told Lauren I wanted to go shorter but then left it in her hands. She knows my hair better than I do and is also a hair-whisperer, so I prefer to leave the decisions up to the experts. She suggested taking about seven inches off and then in future I could go shorter if I was comfortable. In the end that was the right call as it's always a shock when you do a big hair transformation.

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Lauren also showed me where on my cheekbone to start the GHD curl I've been doing at the front so it frames my face narrowly and reduces some of the roundness brought on my pregnancy."


How long did this transformation take?

"Probably a bit over an hour."

What is it about this new style that’s exciting for you?

"Is it bad if I say the satisfaction of cutting off all of that hair?"

What sort of inspiration did you have in mind while you were doing Jam's hair?

"There have been SO many celebs going for the 'lob' recently but I particularly liked Kim Kardashian's new length and because Jam and KK have the same raven-hued hair (well they did!) that definitely helped give us a visual of what the end result would be like. I also drew inspo from Olivia Palermo's length at the moment too."

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What did the transformation involve?

"Before we got started we had a pretty thorough consultation. This included me asking Jam if she needed me to talk her out of it, (she had needed to cancel our previous appointment and my hunch was that it was due to Pre-Chop Nerves) but I got the go ahead so I chopped off a good five inches before I took her through to the basin for a shampoo. Then I refined the length with a notching technique to keep it blunt without being heavy through the ends.

"The rest of the cut was done dry, using slicing techniques that add texture and layers through the hair whilst also taking out extra bulk. Jamila is very fortunate to be in the category of almost having 'too much hair' - so it was important to reduce the thickness so that it was proportionate to the new length."

You can check out more of Lauren's gorgeous work by following her Instagram profile.

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