Editor's Picks: 8 awesome online buys starting at only $14.95.

In which our Editor In Chief, Jamila Rizvi, tries to justify buying stuff as ‘work’…

This week I broke. Seven months into my pregnancy and roughly the size of an overpriced apartment in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, I bought my first ‘when I’m back to my regular self’ dress.

It was stupid, I know. Now, every time I reach for the Ice Magic and salt and vinegar chips, I am not thinking of the sugary, salty wellbeing of my unborn child but about stretch marks and enormously thick thighs that might not fit into The Dress.

The dress is at number 2 below, if you’re interested, along with a whole host of other pretty and affordable things I fell in love with online this week. Take a look and see for yourself. The dress is gorgeous and a bargain, so I ask you: how could I NOT buy it?

1. Asiana Bowl by Salt and Pepper.

RRP $29.95 for a set of four.

Not each. Not each. For a whole set you only pay $29.95 and when you pour takeaway Chinese or Malaysian into these dishes it looks so good, it’s almost like you actually cooked at home yourself. Almost.

2. Embroidered Silk dress from Harpery.

RRP $85.00

The dress. You feel me?

3. Baby zip Wondersuit by Bonds.

RRP $22.95 or currently on sale, two for $30.00

I am starting to get baby buying and these have been recommended to me as being (a) cute (b) a bargain and (c) doing up with a handy zip instead of those fiddly little press studs.

4. Tiny Wishbone Necklace from St. Frock.

RRP $19.95

I’m into cheap, delicate layered jewellery big time right now. Silver or rose gold are the colours of choice.

5. Daisey ankle boots by Tony Bianco.

RRP $199.95

Ankle boots are a staple and worth shelling out a little extra money for. Tony Bianco’s are comfy and cool.

6. Oasis Mono Jacquard Structured Trouser from ASOS.

RRP $50.96

I’m less sure about the exposed midriff look but the pants themselves are divine and a really flattering cut. They’d look great with a white silk blouse or a brightly coloured merino jumper.

7. Juliet Pencil Case from Witchery.

RRP $14.95 (SALE)

My make-up bags have to be cheap because they turn filthy so damn regularly. This one will be my next replacement.

8. Round Glimmer watch from MIMCO.

RRP $199.00

I bought this for my sister as her graduation gift a few years ago and it’s just been re-released. She’s still wearing it several years on and every time I see it, I consider stealing it back.

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