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'I spoke to Jamie from The Bachelorette and yes, he still wants to talk about Carlin.'

Last night we saw this season’s “stage five clinger” Jamie Doran kicked out of The Bachelorette mansion, but not before he tried to lock Angie Kent down for a future coffee date.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We all know about the editing that happens on reality TV, and Jamie is annoyed we didn’t get to see more of the connection he built with Angie over the two months (because there were connections “times 100” he told Mamamia).

What Angie Kent’s relationship is like now. Post continues after video.

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But at the end of the day, Jamie thinks what he saw on screen was the “true Jamie” and after chatting to the firefighter ourselves, we can quite safely confirm that it’s clear that Jamie just doesn’t really… get it. By that we mean he’s completely oblivious to the fact that his intense, and at times possessive, behaviour wasn’t exactly, great.

“I’m not going to deny I’m quite an intense guy and I’m competitive. I was in there for her,” Jamie told Mamamia

He added that he “has no regrets,” before proceeding to turn the focus to the men that “threw him shade” and who talked badly about him in front of Angie’s parents.

“It annoyed me that he [Carlin] got asked the question from [Angie’s] dad about who she should steer clear of and he didn’t mention it to me after. The other boys came and explained to me why they said it but Carlin never approached me. He was never transparent,” he told Mamamia.

Jamie Doran and Angie
Jamie never scored himself a single date with Angie, despite his infatuation with her. Image: Ten.

"If you guys are going to tell the parents she should steer clear of me and that I am clingy and blah blah blah, well if you're going to play that game I am going to tell Angie about the real you," he added.

It seems Jamie never stopped to ask himself why the men (and now the fans of the show) have pulled up some of his behaviour. Quite frankly, he seems more concerned about the other men's thoughts, rather than how he came across to Angie - a potential partner.

"I will own everything I did on there, I was pretty intense and I rebutted the bro-code but I am proud of that. I was there for Angie," he kept repeating on the phone.

the bachelorette australia jamie
Jamie didn't receive a rose last night. Image: Ten.

Even in post-show interviews, Jamie has continued to maintain a reputation for being a... lil' intense.

“Jamie is full on,” Haydn (who got kicked out the night before) said.

“What he is like on TV is what he was like 24/7. I actually tried to distance myself from him a little bit because I couldn’t deal with how much energy he has," he told Mamamia.

"He liked to constantly debrief, he was full on. I hope Angie realises that he is full on," Haydn added.

But that message doesn't appear to be sinking in for the man himself.

Like dozens of reality show contestants before him, Jamie told Mamamia he's been receiving an inbox full of death threats. Interestingly, most of them came after he cried on TV not further on down the track.


"I've been getting death threats and people asking where I live so they can come and smash my face in. But hey, you put yourself out there when you go on these shows and you have to accept that," he said.


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Watching the moment he didn't receive a rose last night, Jamie reflected that he was "absolutely devastated" at the time.

"I have no animosity towards Angie. I don't want to have a dig at her, I have a lot time for her. She'll be a friend of mine for the rest of my life but romantically it's done. I am not going to try and pursue a relationship with her in the future," he said.

Despite considering Angie a friend, Jamie is yet to catch up with her but doesn't regret telling her some "home truths" while on the show.

Even now, he still really really isn't impressed with Carlin.

"I have no hard feelings towards Carlin, he's a Christian, but I just feel he isn't there for Angie," he said. "Carlin twice spruiked how he wanted to be 2020 Bachelor. I also heard that he regretted that he was offered to be.... okay... um, offered a thing in the past," he allusively continued.

Jamie is adamant "it'll all come out in the wash, believe you me" and wants everyone  critiquing him to know he "went in with the right intentions".

He is however relieved that the rollercoaster is now over.