Jamie Oliver was just publicly burned by his own mum over a picture of his baby.

He’s written best-selling cookbooks, had television shows broadcast around the world, owns a high-end international restaurant chain and has an OBE.

But 41-year-old Jamie Oliver isn’t above getting told off by his mum. Even in front of his 5.6 million closest friends.

Sally Oliver publicly scolded the celebrity chef on Thursday after he shared a photo to Instagram of his eight-month-old son, River, lying on a tiled floor.

“Morning little boy…..always good to get a nice smile,” Oliver captioned the picture.

Buried within the gushing comments that followed, was Mrs Oliver’s own.

“This adorable child! He looks so like you as a baby!” she wrote. “But please get him off that hard floor now.”

jamie oliver mum baby on floor
"Get him off that hard floor." Sally Oliver grandparenting over Instagram.

Dozens of Oliver's followers agreed with his mother's sentiment, apparently concerned about hygiene and the possibility that the child would injure his head.

"So glad you said that!!! Poor little mite!!! Come on Jamie!!! Pick him up," wrote one.


"You tell him @sally_oliver" wrote another. "Never to old to be told off by mum!"

"I'm with your mum," added another, "please get your baby off the bricks/tiles."

jamie oliver mum baby on floor
Jamie his parents Trevor and Sally Oliver. Image: Getty.

Of course, several others came to the father of five's defence, including one commenter who told the keyboard critics to "Get a life".

"Why are folk worrying he's on the floor?" wrote gaynorbennett36. "Probably cleaner than some of yours! He's smiling, so obviously not in distress."

And with that, Mrs Oliver jumped back in.

"You're quite right," she responded, "the floor is very clean and River is very well cared for. I was only teasing Jamie."

(N.B. That sound you're hearing right now? That's the sound of parents all over the world sighing in relief that they don't have 5.6million fans. Or a mum with an Instagram account.)