A very serious investigation into whether Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have broken up.

They’re the couple shrouded in mystery, believed to have been involved for six years (which we understand to be approximately 30 in Hollywood relationship years).

But, rumour has it, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes‘ relationship is kaput, with the Django Unchained star boldly exclaiming his single-status on stage in front of hundreds of people at an Oscars afterparty this week.

Given the lengths they’ve taken to avoid speculation about their relationship, Foxx having walked out on interviews when quizzed about Holmes in the past – it seems very unusual he would make such a public announcement based around his relationship status.

It’s all very fishy, and we care a lot, so we’ve lit up our pipes and donned our Sherlock Holmes caps to get to the bottom of it.

(By which we of course mean we’ve… stayed sitting squarely at our desks scouring the internet for dirt, but same thing).

And so, here we present our case notes:

At approximately we-don’t-know o’clock on Oscars night, 51-year-old Foxx told guests he was performing to at Byron Allen’s Beverley Hilton Oscars celebration that he is “single”. Which is very damning evidence that he is no longer with Holmes if you ask us.

The couple are rarely photographed together. Here they are together at a pre-Grammys event in 2018. Image: Getty.

“Right before he sang, he told the crowd he’s single,” a guest told HollywoodLife.


He was also apparently "dancing with several girls on stage".

During this time Holmes was nowhere to be seen, but there was another brunette actress cosying up to Foxx later in the night - post his "I'm single"-bombshell.

Vanessa from Gossip Girl. Also known by her real name as Jessica Szohr.


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Szohr, 33, is Foxx's co-star in the upcoming sports comedy film, All-Star Weekend. The two were reportedly seen hanging out outside Jay-Z and Beyonce's second annual Oscars after-party at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, according to HollywoodLife.

Szohr is reportedly single at the moment.


Neither Holmes or Foxx has commented on the split rumours as yet, but neither has ever actually confirmed their relationship to begin with, so this comes as no surprise.

It isn't the first time rumours have circulated that the notoriously private couple have split, either.

In June last year, whispers began to spread that the couple had broken up, but Holmes' publicist was quick to shoot the story down to People. At the time, this firm denial given their secrecy was again, very interesting.


If we cast our minds back to the beginning of their relationship, there could be clues that they've never really been "official".

They reportedly got together a year after Holmes had split from Tom Cruise in 2013, but sources have forever claimed they kept it "casual".

suri cruise now
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise in 2012, before their split. Image: Getty.

"This is not some intense romance," a source told People in 2015, “Jamie and Katie are friends and have been for a long time. They are two adults who are attractive and single, and so apparently conclusions will be drawn… But contrary to those conclusions, they’re not about to run off and make some serious commitment.”

After they were seen dancing arm-in-arm at a benefit in the Hamptons in 2016, the couple reportedly went to extreme lengths—including disguises—to keep their relationship a secret.

Other sources have told media over the years that they like to "give each other space", so maybe Jamie has... technically been "single" this whole time?

Who bloody knows.

We guess the mysterious case of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes' rumoured breakup is officially unsolved.

How... unsatisfying.