Apparently this woman isn’t “hot” enough for her famous boyfriend.

One appalling tweet about a sportsman’s girlfriend had us all talking this morning.

An Australian sports bet site has been forced to apologise for a disgraceful tweet about the girlfriend of a sports star.

The appearance-shaming tweet, by betting firm OddsChecker, included a photo of Manchester United star James Wilson, 19, holding hands with his partner Frankie Barwell at a club awards ceremony this week.

“Sure she’s a lovely girl but someone needs to remind James Wilson he’s a pro footballer,” the tweet read. “Start abusing this privilege.”

The offending tweet.

The betting firm, which is part of Sky Bet, later removed the tweet and issued a (rather lame) apology.

“Apologies for the offence caused by our earlier Tweet – it’s now been deleted,” it wrote.

But understandably, the misogynist comment faced immediate backlash from social media users, who wasted no time in pointing out it was “sexist,” “disgusting,” “offensive” and “shameful”. (post continues after gallery):

Women’s Health editor Felicity Harley, who is married to ex-Geelong player Tom Harley, told Mamamia people are often “just plain mean” about the appearance of sports star’s wives and girlfriends.

“When you date a professional sports star you have to be prepared for people to share opinions about your looks. It just comes with the territory,” she said. “People are just plain mean (especially women!) on faceless social media.”

harley page
Felicity, with husband Tom Harley, says scrutiny of sports stars’ wives and girlfriend is, sadly, nothing new. (Photo: Getty)

Harley added that many partners of sports stars – like Barwell, an events management student – haven’t grown up in the media spotlight and may find the criticism confronting at first.

“The majority of so-called WAGS are just normal women with their own lives going on who have to grow a thick skin quick,” Harley said, adding that she’s developed strategies to cope with the cruel scrutiny over time.

Wilson and Barwell are clearly happy together – so why does a sportsbet company feel the need to scrutinise their relationship? (Photo: Instagram)

“I’ve read hurtful and particularly offensive comments about my appearance over the years (tip: never google yourself after the Brownlow!) but I always remind myself that this was saying more about the person who wrote it.”

Her advice for Barwell?

“Look at this woman – she is beautiful,” she said. “My advice to her is to focus on all the tweets saying this and forget about the idiot who wrote this for Oddschecker Australia.”

Frankie Barwell posted a message to her haters on Instagram following the mean tweet.

Luckily, that ‘shake it off‘-style attitude is one that Barwell seems to have taken on board. Following the offensive tweet going viral, she posted a photo of herself on Instagram with her tongue cheekily sticking out.

“Remember people only rain on your parade because they’re jealous of your sun and tired of their shade,” she captioned the image.

Hear, hear.

A few other questionable tweets by OddsChecker:

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