James Packer did not buy Miranda Kerr those diamonds.

Miranda Kerr is “dripping in diamonds” and that can only mean one thing, right? It’s on with James Packer.

According to Sydney Confidential, Miranda has swapped her modest $4000 Rolex watch for a $10, 000 Cartier one. Someone paying weirdly close attention to Miranda’s wrists also notes that she is wearing some sort of diamond bangle thing worth $150,000. And she has one of those Birkin bags worth $5000.

All this shiny evidence points to one thing only: She must be shagging James Packer.

Because men purchase women’s love with shiny new things, right?


What about this:

What about, Miranda Kerr is one of the most successful supermodels on the planet and she buy her own damn bling?

What about, girlfriend is worth $20 million and she frost her own wrists with diamonds?

What about, All The Women Independent, Throw Yo Hands Up At Me?

Miranda Kerr has repeatedly denied being in a relationship with James Packer. She was “spotted” (by paparazzi whose job it is to spot famous people doing things) on a yacht in Spain with him recently, but then, Orlando Bloom was “spotted” with Erica packer on a yacht, too.

Are we suggesting this is a spouse swap sponsored by Cartier wrist-wear now?

Let these famous people wallpaper their yachts in clean-cut diamonds in peace, won’t you?

Take a look at what else Miranda Kerr has been up to lately: