The Bachelorette's James just leaked a very good spoiler about the final four contestants.

It’s happened again. Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette has been RUINED (ok, maybe not quite) all thanks to a pesky Instagram caption.

But unlike other spoilers we’ve seen so far this season, this one we’re actually a teeny tiny bit happy about.

You see, the man who we thought could do no wrong, the one we have all fallen in deep, sweet love with the one we are all backing to win has gone and put his foot in it and revealed he makes it to the final four.

Which would be fine… if the competition still didn’t have five contestants remaining.


Posting on Instagram after Thursday night’s episode, James shared that he was “feeling really good” about his relationship with Sophie.

“Hometowns are just around [the] corner & can’t wait for you to meet my family,” the 31-year-old wrote.

Fans were quick to pick on the hint that James will be around for (at least) another week.

“James is top 4 confirmed,” one fan wrote, while another added, “only four go on to home towns, that’s why I think maybe James makes top four”.


Of course, this all comes a week after contestant Jarrod – you know, the one with the pot plant – was spotted on dating app Bumble… although Channel 10 revealed to Mamamia that his profile remained active from before his time on the show.

Oh, and we just can’t forget the moment when eliminated contestant Ryan Jones shared a snap with ‘THA BOIZ’ from The Bachelorette, noting the absence of ‘intruder’ Stu.

Fans put two and two together, and concluded that the post obviously meant the 44-year-old publican had won Sophie’s heart and was too busy being in love to hang out with the show’s losers other contestants.

Ugh. it’s just all so exhausting.

Here’s hoping James makes it all the way. (Sorry, Stu!)

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