'Fat and skinny people shouldn't be able to buy clothes in nice shops,' says pop star.

This is just what teenage girls need to hear.

Willowy former pop star and current reality TV artiste Jamelia, 34, has royally offended a whole load of people with some ignorant comments made on TV.

“I don’t believe stores should stock clothes below or above a certain weight. [Plus-sized people] should be made to feel uncomfortable when they go in and can’t find a size,” she said yesterday on Loose Women, a UK panel show.

“I think everyone should have access to lovely clothes, but I do not think it’s right to facilitate people living an unhealthy lifestyle,” Jamelia said.

Jamelia made controversial comments on Loose Women. Image via Instagram

She continued digging until her grave was complete. “It shouldn’t be normalised in high street stores. They should have specialist shops.”

The comments were made during a discussion about whether plus-size clothing should be marketed to overweight teens.

The mother of two said she is “all for celebrating people for who they are” – only not if they’re above or below a certain size.

Ironically, the day before her comments, Jamelia took part in a campaign aimed at improving self-esteem.

The campaign, begun by the Good Morning Britain show is called #SelfieEsteem. Jamelia participated, snapping an unfiltered, make-up-free selfie and sharing it on social media.

Jamelia has “selfie esteem” but thinks overweight people should feel shame when they shop. Image via Twitter

“The #loosewomen need to turn in the news and see how pressuring a young girl to be thin led to her death! Looks aren’t everything in life”, said another Twitter user RonNewman8, referring to 21-year-old Elsa Parry who died after taking diet pills she bought online.

Suggesting that people, and in the Loose Women conversation specifically teenage girls, whose weight is not deemed “normal” should be made to feel shame when they shop (as if that’s not already a huge problem for many women) is so coldhearted. Especially coming from a woman and the mother of two young kids.

The slim star’s Instagram feed is full of confident selfies. Image via Instagram

To us, it seems like Jamelia just doesn’t get that her body-policing is unhelpful and downright harmful, but according to her, it’s US who don’t understand HER.

“Never waste your time trying to explain, to people committed to misunderstanding you,” she tweeted following the instant social media backlash that greeted her comments.

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If you follow her logic through to its errr…. logical conclusion, we should ban people with tans from buying bikinis (tanning is unhealthy, we all know that) and prevent people with back issues from being allow to buy high heels (they can be really damaging, you guys). We don’t want to encourage that kind of thing.

Most importantly, we should ensure former pop stars wear gags, to prevent them from saying really stupid things on TV. It’s for their own good.

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