Taylor Swift meets her celebrity godchild for the first time.

She’s just added another famous person to her very (very) long list of celebrity best friends.


It’s finally happened. Taylor Swift has taken time out of her busy schedule of throwing shade at Katy Perry and selling out arenas to meet her tiny godchild.

Tay, 25, visited new mum and best friend Jaime King and proceeded to post beautifully Sepia-filtered posts to Instagram as proof.

Meeting my boy. @jaime_king @kyle_newman

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She captioned the photo, ‘meeting my boy’. Sorry, Calvin. Jaime posted a very similar photo of her Instagram – we guess Taylor only had time to stop by for five minutes – and wrote, “My loves meet. Baby boy Leo Thames and his God Mother = bliss.”

Taylor posted another photo of a baby’s hand that presumably belongs to Leo wrapped his hand around her glittery nail polish, alongside lyrics from one of her songs.

"Your little hand's wrapped around my finger and it's so quiet in the world tonight…"

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Congratulations, little Leo. You’ve got a very cool godmother. We hope you like pop music.

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It’s time for Scottish button pusher Calvin Harris to step aside – there’s another boy in Taylor Swift’s life who’s going to be there forever.

One of 25-year-old Taylor’s 300 best friends, perpetually good-looking actress Jaime King, just gave birth to her second child, more importantly known as Taylor’s godchild.

Jaime King and Taylor Swift – no bad blood here. Image via Instagram.

Jaime, 36, took to Instagram to announce the birth of her baby boy – who is currently nameless but should probably just be called ‘Taylor’ – and shared a photo of herself, her husband Kyle Newman and their 21-month-old son James Knight Newman in one of the most natural and beautiful birth announcements we’ve seen in a long time.

We are SO happy to welcome to the world our new baby boy! Born Thursday, July 16th! Xx

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Jaime asked Taylor to be her baby’s godmother back in March. It seemed like a perfect fit because Taylor bakes lots of cookies and who doesn’t want a godmother who can bake cookies?

While every baby is an absolute blessing, Jaime has spoken in the past of her struggles carrying babies to term – she went through the absolute agony of five miscarriages before giving birth to her first child in 2013.


In a touching Instagram post last year, she spoke of having Endrometriosis, going through five rounds of IVF, five miscarriages,  nine different doctors, 26 hours of brutal labor, tearing of her stitches, and mastitis until James was born.

Watch Taylor feel Jaime’s baby kick before the birth. Post continues after video.

Aside from being professionally good looking and somehow seeming like she’s only 23/24 at most, Jaime is also a very supportive friend. We know this from Instagram, of course, where she posts tributes to her BFF Taylor all the time, while also calling out the haters who don’t know how great Tay is.

We’re very excited for Taylor Swift to knit some onesies and shower this child in romanticised lyrics. Sorry, Calvin. You’ll be taking a back seat for awhile. No one can resist a teeny tiny baby.

Click through the gallery below to see Jaime and Taylor’s Instagram friendship. Hint: They’re a bit obsessed with each other.

We’re taking bets on names – do you think they’ll go with Taylor? 

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