Jacqui Lambie wants to bring back the death penalty.

Controversial Senator Jacqui Lambie is ruffling feathers again.

Independent Senator, Jacqui Lambie, has called for the death sentence to be be brought back as punishment for citizens who fight in terrorist organisations overseas.

Senator Jacqui Lambie champions the return of the death penalty to Australia.

“I’m asking that everyone who assists any of the terrorists trying to take out our own defence force personnel, that the death penalty be introduced,” she told Southern Cross Austereo radio this morning.

“These terrorists, they’re psychopaths. There’s no doubt about that. And we’ve got to lead by example.”

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Senator Lambie announced on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast radio program she would push a bill in parliament, but does not expect to get the numbers for it to pass.

She told host Eddie McGuire that the jury should have the “option” to execute people convicted for “terrorism and terrorism acts only”.

Listen to the segment below. Post continues after audio:

Jacqui Lambie is no stranger to controversy, previously raising eyebrows with her call for a ban on the burqa, and claims that “halal money” may fund terrorism. She also once asked a caller on live radio if he was rich and well hung.

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Lambie was originally elected to senate as a member of the Palmer United Party in 2013, but has since left the party and sits as an Independent senator.