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'It was a bit of a bombshell.' What Jackson was thinking watching his dad grill Angie.

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Poor Jackson Garlick had a pretty disastrous entry into The Bachelorette, offering a meat pie to coeliac and vegetarian Angie Kent.

He recovered pretty well though, earning himself a single date early on and becoming a bit of a dark horse in the competition.

Making it to the top four, a.k.a the hometown dates, Jackson wanted to redeem that first meeting by making her a special gluten-free, vegan option (unfortunately unavailable for purchase, I asked, soz!)

Mamamia’s super fan met Angie Kent and it was everything. Post continues below video.

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He gained points for effort and deliciousness, but maybe lost a few for his focus on pastry over feelings.

Speaking to Mamamia, the 25-year-old psychology student and heir to a pie empire said he was not surprised to be left standing without a rose at the end of last night’s episode. He’d felt uneasy ever since his final conversation with Angie, where he struggled to express how he felt about her.

“I kind of did expect it, even thought I was gutted,” he said.

“I was anticipating going home because I could just tell with Angie that she hadn’t received enough from me about how I felt. The other hometowns were just as rocky, but there was some massive doubt in my mind and I’m a realist.”

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His dad, and boss of family business Garlo's Pies, Sean certainly grilled Angie both at the dinner table and in a private chat.

Jackson said watching it back, he hadn't expected him to come across so intense.

"Obviously I wasn't part of Dad’s grilling, for me that was a little bit of a bombshell. I don’t know if he knew how stern he was coming across.

"He definitely knows now that he was a little too abrasive, I think if he had his time over he'd do it a bit differently... One thing dad never wants to do is assume someone isn't hardworking. He's not as hard as he looks."

the bachelorette australia 2019 recap jackson
Jackson's dad was very concerned about the pies.

He said his dad's concern that Jackson wouldn't have time to fit Angie into his busy life running their pie empire was unfounded, because he had already thought about that.

"I've got plenty of energy for a girlfriend," he explained. "It’s not about meeting someone, it’s about meeting the right one."

After some smooth talking from Angie, Jackson's dad came around, but ultimately Jackson was sent home because he struggled to open up to Angie about his feelings.

"I was just watching myself [throughout the series] like 'There was a chance you could've done something, there was a chance you could've done something'," he said.

He said that during his first single date with Angie, he was hesitant to be too open because 1) It was early days and there were still 18 other men to compete with in the house and 2) He didn't want to come on too strong.


Then throughout the middle of the series there was not much opportunity for him to be vulnerable and open with her because of other happenings in the house (Ya know, that Jamie thing, that Carlin thing, that Ciarran thing... all of the things).

Plus, it didn't exactly come naturally.

"When you grow up in a football culture, you talk about injuries and how hurt you are, but in terms of emotion, it's not something that we practice," Jackson explained. "When that time came at hometowns to put myself on the line, I just hadn’t had the life experience to do that, I wasn't equipped with the vocabulary, the cognitive function, to do that well.

"When I looked back, I was disappointed because it did look like a ramble... I could've done better."

jackson the bachelorette
When asked about his feelings, Jackson rambled... just a little bit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It didn't end well for Jackson on the show, but the whole thing did create a learning experience about the importance of embracing and expressing his feelings.

"I think there is nothing wrong with being a bit vulnerable," he told Mamamia. "You can have a hard exterior but if you like someone, there's nothing wrong with being open about it."

While Jackson was upset he wasn't the one for Angie, he's got a feeling he knows who is. And we really hope he's right.

"[The final three] are an eclectic mix. I think Carlin's a frontrunner...

"But if it was my money, I’d put it on Timm. We became good mates. It’s hard not to get along with him, he lights up a room."

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