Seven Year Switch stars Jackie and Tim have shared the story of their son's birth. And it's pretty intense.

Seven Year Switch couple Jackie and Tim welcomed their first son, Chadwick Wolf Naughton, four weeks ago. Now they’ve shared the story of his birth for the first time.

Posting an image on Instagram of Jackie holding “Chaddy” just minutes after his birth, the pair reflected on the day of his birth, saying “time has flown”.

Jackie and Tim have shared the story of their son's birth on Instagram.

"Waters broke at about 8.30pm on Sunday night the 28th of August and we thought we had plenty of time being my first. However I was having one minute intense contractions one minute apart by 9.30pm!" wrote Jackie, adding that she "nearly didn't make it to the hospital".

She said the trip to the hospital was the "worst 30 minute car ride ever" and that she was "holding in a head" the whole time.

"I wanted to have a really natural birth with no intervention and the Gold Coast Uni Hospital were really supportive of this," Jackie continued.


"I was also lucky enough to have a water birth which was the most amazing experience! The bath was great at helping relieve the pain I'd been suffering from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.

"It really took a lot of determination to have the birth I wanted, there were definitely moments where I doubted myself and could have been easily influenced by others."

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The 32-year-old also revealed she had a "major phobia" of having to have a Caesarian, and hates "hospitals, blood tests, drips".

"I'd never actually been to hospital until giving birth," she said.

After the rushed arrival of her little one, Jackie said she found labour to be "very empowering".

"It felt like this is what our bodies are made to do! This might sound crazy but I really can't wait to do it again."