Jackie O's diary describes the moment she locked eyes on her future husband.

When some people meet their future life-partner it’s love at first sight. For others, it’s a mixture of thinking their “hot” but not quite being sure about them.

This week we learned ‘Jackie O’ Henderson is firmly in the latter category, with her an on-air reading of her 17-year-old diary revealing all her thoughts and feelings from her first meetings with now-husband Lee Henderson.

Jackie decided to let her co-host Kyle Sandilands read aloud extracts from her diaries for the listening pleasure of their KIIS FM Kyle and Jackie O Show audience.

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On Monday the radio host began with an oh-so-relatable entry from March 18, 2000, when Jackie was 25 years old and out with a friend named Tash at Sydney bar, Blue Room.

“So we’re about to leave, and it’s like everything around me went quiet and the whole room came to a standstill. I saw gorgeous Lee across the room,” Kyle said, using a particularly insulting voice to portray Jackie.

“He was the guy I met, what, about a month ago at the Good Bar? He was so hot. But really, really a slow mover.”

Jackie wrote that then-24-year-old Lee again took his time, coming over “about an hour later” and buying her and her friend a drink.


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She added that the “prim and proper” Englishman, who was backpacking at the time, “reminds me of a hot Hugh Grant”.

Before she left he asked for her number, which she put in his “Nokia”, revealing in an entry dated March 22 that he did call.

“I was surprised to hear from him actually. I really didn’t think he’d call at all. But if I’m being totally honest, I didn’t feel that comfortable with him,” Kyle read.

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Jackie, now 42, had mused that she might be “still too hung up on” Home and Away actor Justin Melvey – who she told Kyle she never dated but was friends with.

“Lee’s really hot, but I just don’t know about us being together. I don’t know if I see it or not.”

Of course, we know that Jackie’s feelings of uncertainty eventually gave way to love – she’s been married to Lee for more than a decade and the pair share six-year-old daughter Catalina.

Have you experienced love at first sight?