Jackie O's on-air showdown with hairdresser who called her "a diva".

A note to hairdressers everywhere: don’t talk trash about your celebrity clients in the press, particularly ones who happen to have their own very public, very popular radio programme.

Queensland stylist Carole Haddad learned that lesson the hard way this morning, after receiving a proper smack down from KIIS FM host Jacke O live on air.

The Corcorz Hair principal had recently shared some gossip about her celebrity clients to The Courier Mail, during which she said: “Everyone is lovely, except for Jackie O.”

Simple as that. No reason, no backstory.

Not keen to let that diss slide on by, Jacie O and her co-host Kyle Sandilands called Haddad up to find out precisely what the 41-year-old had done to leave her with such a bad impression.

“Do you want me to tell you live on radio?” Haddad asked.

“A lot of people think Kyle is a diva, but I believe it’s you Jackie,” the hairdresser said. “I believe you’re the quietest assassin there is in Australia.”


The grudge harks back to 2008, when the famous radio duo hosted Big Brother.

“We were booked to come for every Sunday,” Haddad said. “As a single mum and I care for my mother, I travelled all the way down to Dreamworld to do your hair. You didn’t even turn up to hair and makeup. You did not even bother telling us not to come. You did your own hair and makeup.”

Jackie O responded by claiming she had told the show’s producers she would take care of it herself, and that there must have simply been a “communication breakdown”.


But that didn’t satisfy Carol. The Brisbane-based hairdresser pressed on, saying she’d been “ignored” by the host.

Getting a tad fired up now, Jackie O hit back, saying, “Do you know how embarrassing it is for you in your profession to talk badly about people,” the radio star said. “Do you know that’s the biggest no-no?”

Cue Carol:  “Do you know how unprofessional it is in your industry to treat hairdressers like peasants?”


Jackie O then apologised for the whole misunderstanding, but questioned whether it warranted her copping a “shit canning” in the paper.

“Well no, not really. I just said ‘diva’, and you are a diva,” said Carol, igniting an exchange that went a little something like this:

C: “You’re the black widow of the TV stations, let me tell you. I call you the black widow.”

J: “You are so professional!”

K: “The black widow! The black widow they call you.”

J: “Just because I didn’t go in and do hair and makeup? It’s so crazy.”

C: “That shows you the sort of person she is.”

J: “You’re crazy! I honestly can’t believe that.”

C: “You can’t believe that? You want to go at me, I’m going to go you. The truth hurts.”

Couldn’t script it if we tried.

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