Kyle Sandilands outs Jackie O for once breastfeeding her husband live on radio.

When you work with the same person all day, every day, you’re bound to grow a little close. It’s a given that you will probably learn all the intimate, gory details of their personal life.

And if your name happens to be Kyle Sandilands, you’re also likely to take any chance you can get to spill those beans live on air during your breakfast radio show.

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That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, when a caller rang in to ask about breast leakage during a Dr. KIIS segment.

After the call, Kyle jumped at the chance to recount a story from when Jackie O was breastfeeding her now five-year-old daughter Kitty.

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“When Jackie’s boob leaked, we were all shocked because she was wearing a green, silky top, and it just started to go dark green,” Kyle began.

“We found out that her husband had been suckling on the breast, God knows why. So he was pretending to be a baby or something…” he continued.

Jackie O expressed her exasperation that Kyle had brought up the topic, adding, “Oh God, you love to bring this story up, don’t you?”

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She also set the record straight, telling her listeners that her and her husband, Lee Henderson, were “just being silly”.

Of course, breast leakage is a completely normal part of breastfeeding – some women experience it, and others don’t. But maybe it’s best not to tell your radio co-host about it.

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