CELEB NEWS: Jackie O says she nearly quit her marriage twice.

When you work in radio, you must get used to talking about your personal life on air. But today, breakfast radio got really personal.

Jackie O opened up to Kyle Sandilands on Kiis FM this morning, talking about her past marital problems with husband Lee Henderson.

39-year-old Jackie O has been with her photographer husband for 14 years, but revealed to Sandilands that they had almost called it quits twice before.

Sure Kyle was asking Jackie O about her relationship, but even he wasn’t expecting the answer she gave.

“We’ve had times when we were going to call it quits,” Jackie O revealed.

“We went through a period where we just couldn’t get it together. Every relationship has its up and downs I guess,” she continued.

“We just couldn’t get back on track. We would fight nonstop about nothing. We were completely out of sync and frustrated with each other.

“There was two times where we’ve gone through that. We hung in there because we really love each other but there have been times when we wanted to call it a day,” Jackie O said.

Jackie O and husband Lee Henderson have one child – Catalina “Kitty” Mae Henderson – who was born in 2010. 

The O-Henderson family.

After making such a personal admission to Kyle on air, she decided to pry a little into his personal life, and asked whether he and his girlfriend – Imogen Anthony – had discussed ever having kids together.

“We have, actually just quite recently,” 43-year-old Sandilands said. “We’ve decided we want a girl. And if we have a boy we want him to be gay because I hate football.”

Which is perhaps a slightly less emotional admission than talking about the near-breakdown of a 14-year relationship, but at least Kyle was trying to share.

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