Seven Year Switch's Jackie and Tim have announced the birth of their first baby.

Jackie and Tim, from the controversial reality TV show Seven Year Switch have announced the birth of their first child.

The couple revealed their special news on Instagram on Friday night after welcoming their baby boy into the world on early Monday morning.

“Literally have not had a chance to announce it until now!! Been a crazy week but an extremely special one,” they wrote, alongside a picture of a little, blue pair of shoes.

They told their fans “mum and bubby are both doing well” and that they’d be sharing more photos and details about their little bundle of joy soon.

“We are just ‘unplugging’ for a little while to spend every precious moment with our little man. So in love!!”

Crediting Seven Year Switch with fixing their relationship, Jackie previously said she fell pregnant within a week of wrapping the show. In May, she told New Idea, “It’s because of the show we sorted things out and are now having a baby,” said Jackie. “It’s just incredible!”

“It wasn’t a mistake, but we didn’t think it would happen so quickly. We thought it might take six months to a year.”

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During Jackie's pregnancy, the couple shared intimate images from a series of pregnancy photos on Instagram.

The series was shot by Forever After Photography and places the expecting mum in a world of gentle silhouettes and contrasting lines, with at least one of them being reminiscent of Demi Moore's famous Vanity Fair cover.

Jackie was forced to defend her exercise program late in her pregnancy after critics labelled her "irresponsible".

Media that are calling my joke about returning to exercise 'irresponsible' are not only offending my job professionalism but me as a mother. And I will not tolerate it. Anyone can say whatever they like about me on a Reality TV show and I couldn't give a toss. It's a fabricated television show and the joke is on you if you believe every bit of it anyway. There are thousands of nasty comments on the Internet and I couldn't care less. However DO NOT CRITICISE ME AS AN EXERCISE PROFESSIONAL OR MOTHER. I made a joke about returning to teach my Group Fitness Program BoxaBIKE (that I invented - that no media have participated in to my knowledge) as early as 4 weeks after giving birth. There were question marks, monkey faces and a 'haha' at the end. So it's pretty obvious it's not 100% serious. Firstly I'm not advocating weight-lifting or running - I said BoxaBIKE which has zero impact because you are sitting on a bike. The other 50% of the workout is an upper body workout involving mostly your arms - the upper body component would be perfectly safe after giving birth - the joke is - how long until I'd really want to sit on a bike!? Depending on the labour - quite possibly longer than 4 weeks! And if there are complications it could be months. However, it's important to understand that I can actually teach this program off the bike by giving direction, so it really comes down to my baby and when it would be ready to be left alone with Tim for an hour, whether I've got expressing under control. Not whether or not I'm ready to exercise. Let me be very clear on this next point - I do not give a flying f*** about baby weight, returning to exercise for me has NOTHING to do with my body. It is because I created the Group Fitness Program and I need to teach it to maintain the program's integrity. I don't care how long my body takes to 'bounce back' if at all and I will proudly wear a bikini on the beach with saggy skin and stretch marks for the rest of my life and own it.

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The couple met four years ago at a gym, and got together after Tim organised a work drinks function with the sneaky purpose to get closer to Jackie.

Check out what the couple have been up to since leaving the show. Images via Instagram.

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