Bizarrely convincing fan theory: It was 'Jack' who caused the Titanic to sink.

Consider this the greatest gift Titanic fan fiction has given us.

Titanic. It’s the 1997 James Cameron blockbuster that raked in $1.843 billion worldwide and gave us one of Hollywood’s most famous love stories.

And it was lies. ALL LIES.

According to people with too much time on their hands Titanic enthusiasts on Reddit, Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) was actually a time traveller sent back in time to 1912 (or forward; he’d be able to do either if he was a legitimate time traveller, duh) to ensure that the Titanic definitely met it’s iceberg-y fate.

Are you processing this? The chemistry (and not to mention that steamy car romp) he shared with Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) was all a front – he was just doing it to ensure that the Titanic went down. What a jerk.

“I’m flying, Jack.” He doesn’t care, Rose.

Before you dismiss this theory as the ramblings of lunatics, there’s evidence. And surprisingly, it does a good job of presenting Mr Jack Dawson as the time traversing scumbag that he really is.

1. Jack stops Rose from falling to her death.

Remember how Jack prevents Rose from jumping overboard? Apparently it wasn’t because he didn’t want her to die (ha ha ha, what a silly conclusion to draw), it’s because he knew that if she had jumped, they would’ve stopped the boat to try to save her, thus, throwing the Titanic off its course and probably allowing it to dodge the perilous iceberg. And you thought he was hanging out with her because he actually liked her.

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2. He has no currency.

Remember how he doesn’t have any money? And he has to gamble in order to score a ticket aboard? Yeah, that wasn’t because he was a pauper, it was because, ahem, he was from another time and didn’t have any cashola from 1912. Yes, that’s the logical explanation for it.

Their love was ALL LIES. According to these fan fiction theorists.

3. Jack mentions fishing in a spot that wasn’t created yet.

We were so caught up looking at Leo’s baby face that we never noticed he mentions a time where he went fishing at Lake Wissota, a man made dam that WASN’T CREATED UNTIL 1917.

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4. He says he’ll take Rose on a ride that hasn’t been invented yet.

In his bid to woo Rose/ensure that she doesn’t jump overboard, Jack tells her he’s going to take her on a rollercoaster ride at Santa Monica Pier. But here’s the thing – that very rollercoaster wasn’t built until 1916. BAM.

STOP Rose – you’re about to kiss a psycho time traveller!

5. His fashion is all out.

That sweet rucksack Jack is sporting in the movie? Either Jack was a fashionista well before his time, or, he was a time traveller who brought his backpack with him from the future. You see, rucksacks apparently weren’t popular until the ‘30s.

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The fan theorists are also pondering whether James Cameron’s Avatar was actually set in an alternate timeline created by Jack The Time Traveller, but that’s for another day.

What’s your verdict – was James Cameron’s Titanic really a film about a time-travelling murderer?