The best pre-wedding celebration you’ve never heard of.

Meet Jack and Jill.

We’re not talking nursery rhymes. In fact, we’re not even talking about real live people. We’re talking about the best thing to come out of the wedding industry since Princess Di’s marshmallow wedding dress.

Still lost? Quite simply, a Jack And Jill is a party that combines the efforts of a bridal shower, a hen’s night and a buck’s night into one neat little gender-neutral package.

We’re so onboard. Here’s how the fiesta works:

1. Forget about wedding politics and invite WHOEVER you want. It doesn’t matter if your neighbour Steve isn’t invited to the wedding, he is most certainly welcome at your Jack and Jill.

Speaking with, one J&J lover said, “Everybody that you love and care about can be in the same place at the same time. Plus invitations extend beyond your wedding list, so the party can be pretty big.”

2. Your Jack and Jill is essentially a wedding fundraiser. And while the words ‘fundraiser’ and ‘wedding’ in the same sentence would usually make our stomachs turn, we give this party the thumbs up.

According to, all your guests are required to do is pay an upfront no-bullshit cash admission price, of somewhere between $10 to $15 per person.

And considering the average Aussie wedding now costs over $65,000 (yes, really) we’re thinking all of you soon-to-be-newly-weds need all the extra help you can get.

3. You, the bride and groom-to-be cover the upfront costs of the event. But don’t go crazy – J&J’s are laid back events. A few snags on the Barbie and a full esky is all they require.

Looking for some wedding inspiration? Well, this could be the most-hip hipster wedding of all time. You be the judge…

Would you ditch your bridal shower for a Jack and Jill?

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