JK Rowling perfectly shuts down a homophobic idiot.

Let’s face it, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore would be the most fabulous gay wizard of all time.

When J K Rowling decided to make the headmaster of Hogwarts gay (something she told all the readers after the final book was published), she created one of the best gay icons of all time.


Yet, after all this time, there are still homophobic idiots criticising her for it.

Exhibit A. This moron, who would definitely have been sorted into Slytherin.

But J K Rowling had the perfect response. Which is unsurprising, given that she’s a) sassier than you’re expecting and b) author of possibly the biggest selling series of our time.

She began by advising her ex-fan to follow Brian Souter, an anti-gay Scottish businessman. So, in one fell swoop, she slammed this homophobic kilt-wearer Brian Souter, who opposes same-sex marriage AND shuts down this “Frank”. (To whom we say, Accio Conscience!)

But it’s not over. Obviously some of JK’s fans tweeted their support. To which she responded:

Beautifully played, JK.

And finally, a statement from Dumbledore himself.