Izzy returns to Neighbours tonight. Here are all the crazy things she's done in the past.

We’ve got bloody great news for mid-noughties Neighbours fans.

Izzy (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) will be returning to Ramsay St tonight during a movie length special.

Yep, the woman who stole Susan’s husband and broke our tiny soapie hearts is coming back to wreck havoc on Australia’s favourite cul-de-sac.

In just four years from 2003 to 2007, Izzy created more controversy on the show than the time Harold donned a wig and rapped.

She broke up Susan and Karl, Australia’s most iconic TV couple, she dated Paul Robinson, and she pretty much alienated everyone at the Ramsay St BBQs.

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To help you bone up on your Neighbours circa-2005 knowledge before tonight’s show, we’ve rounded up all the classic Izzy moments you may have forgotten about:

That time she turned up on Ramsay Street

Izzy was first introduced to Ramsay Street as Max Hoyland’s younger sister. Max was married to Steph Scully at the time and it’s safe to say that Izzy and Steph did not get along.

While the Hoyland’s have since left the cul-de-sac, Steph is still around so we could be in for some serious soapie fireworks.

That time she broke up Susan and Karl

When Izzy swept into Ramsay St and started flirting with Karl, the whole of Australia watched on with baited breath.

Izzy slowly and craftily seduced Karl until he tearfully admitted to Susan, “I just don’t love you anymore”.

This was probably one of the most iconic moments in Australian soapie history and one I personally bring up in casual conversation at least once a day.

That time she lied about her baby daddy

When Izzy discovered she had fallen pregnant to her ex-boyfriend, Gus Cleary, she decided to keep the baby.


But she didn’t want Gus involved, so she seduced Karl and told him the baby was his.

Then she lost the baby and the truth about father came out. But in true Izzy style she lied and told Karl that Gus had raped her.

Yep, this was a storyline that actually happened.

That time she dated Paul Robinson

After Karl finally saw through her cheating ways, Izzy moved on to Ramsay Street’s male villain, Paul Robinson.

Izzy and Paul settled into a pretty toxic love/hate relationship – as in Izzy loved Paul’s money, but she hated him.

At one stage Paul’s deranged son even tried to kill Izzy… because Neighbours.

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That time she had a baby with Karl

Heartbroken and hopped up on sleeping syrup, Karl slept with Izzy and she fell pregnant.

In order to keep the peace, Izzy lied about the father and left Ramsay Street to start a new life in London.

That time she gave birth at Karl and Susan’s wedding

Yes… this really did happen.

Reunited, Karl and Susan travelled to London to get remarried. Izzy got wind of their trip and turned up at the ceremony to tell Karl he was the father of her unborn child… then she went into labour.

Karl ended up delivering the baby and learning the truth at his own wedding. He now often visits their child, Holly Hoyland, in London.

Izzy returns to Neighbours at 6:30pm tonight on TEN. 

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