Ivanka Trump tried to work out at Michelle Obama's favourite gym and it didn't end well.

Three weeks after relocating her family to Washington, Ivanka Trump has made headlines once more, this time for attending a gym class in her new neighbourhood under a false name.

“What do you do when you find out Ivanka Trump just took [Solidcore], but used an alias to sign up for class?” studio owner and trainer Anne Mahlum asked in a Facebook post written last week.

“You reach out and ask for a meeting.”

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Ivanka Trump. Source: Getty.

It is understood that 35-year-old Trump attended a class at one of the five [Solidcore] locations in Washington early last week. US media is reporting that Solidcore is the former first lady Michelle Obama's favourite gym.

Class prices for the "high-intensity, low-impact 50-minute session that is done as slow as possible to lengthen and tone your body" begin at AUD $24.

Mahlum justified her request for a meeting with Trump by continuing, "Ivanka was one of the most steadfast, vocal and visible people during President Trump's campaign and [Solidcore] clients have already been adversely impacted, directly and indirectly, by the President's decisions that he has made his first few weeks in Office."

"I am extremely proud of the inclusive community at [Solidcore] that respects everyone's age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or otherwise, and it is my key priority to protect that community," Mahlum's post continued.

However after being hit with a flood of criticism, Mahlum later backtracked on her post, claiming it was misinterpreted. She pointed out that [Solidcore] classes were at no point denied to Trump.


Ivanka is not the only Trump woman facing public criticism. Post continues... 

"I reached out to Ivanka in hopes of having a discussion about our community, and to suggest that we set up private classes for her in the future, which is what we have done for other high-profile clients," Mahlum said in a statement released on Friday.

"Ivanka is welcome at [Solidcore] and we hope she comes back."

Mahlum also said that "[Solidcore] is an organisation founded on inclusivity and it's unfortunate that my Facebook post asking Ivanka Trump to meet with me failed to communicate that commitment to openness. I take full responsibility for that failure."


Mahlum's Facebook post comes a week after US retail giant Nordstrom announced it was dropping Trump's fashion line from its stores due to poor sales.

The store also released an all-staff memo following President Donald Trump's failed immigration ban, telling employees, "Every one of your unique qualities brings a richness that allows us to better reflect and serve the multi-cultured communities we’re a part of and ultimately makes us a better company. We are a better place with you here, no doubt about it."

Trump has not commented as to whether or not she plans to return to [Solidcore].

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