True story: The Trumps once called police to declare Ivanka 'missing'.

Remember all those times your teenage years and Ivanka Trump’s teenage years were really alike…?

No, but really. All money and powerful family aside, there was at least one time on record that Ivanka Trump was just like any other regular teen, desperate to escape the clutches of her parents and rebel against the rules.

In light of the Trump family visiting Aspen on a family holiday, the Aspen Daily News are reporting the mountain was once home to a little bit of Trump family drama.

The news outlet claim when Ivanka was just a teenager and staying at The Little Nell with her parents, she went missing.

Ivanka with her father in Aspen in 1999. Image: Getty.

"Ivanka Trump could not be located, and the police were called, said a longtime member of local law enforcement who responded and who requested anonymity," the paper reported.

But all was well. Ivanka was just in a hotel room with a boy.

There's been no date given to alleged rendezvous but it's believed the last time Ivanka was in Aspen with both her mother and father was in 1998, where she would have been about 17 at the time.

This time around, however, the family will reportedly have 100 Secret Service members with them on their snow trip leaving no room for rogue escapades.

Oh... same.

Have you ever gone 'missing'?

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