Ivanka Trump switches her designer gowns for a Target bargain.

Ivanka Trump may have expensive taste but she still know how to snag a bargain, wearing a $46 Target dress to an event at the White House on Monday.

The adviser to (and daughter of) the US President Donald Trump has been criticised for her exxy fashion choices in the past – but we don’t think the price tag had much of a sway on her choice to buy the dress as who designed it.

You see, it’s not just any Target (or Tar-zjay, if you’re trying to be classy) dress – it’s a black, satin, ruffle-hemmed shift with a lily applique from Victoria Beckham’s collection for the retail chain.

It’s just one of the items in the fashion designer’s range – which sadly is not available in Australia – that looks like it should retail for far more than the modest $46 (US$35) price tag.

Still, we can’t ignore that this may have been an attempt by the First Daughter to start constructing a more relatable image after copping criticism for her previous, less-affordable choices.

The 35-year-old was labelled “tone-deaf” for wearing a $6650 gown to a formal event in January in the same week her father gave the order for a seven-country travel ban.

Listen: “No skinny jeans after 47” they say. (Post continues after audio.)

The “inappropriate” $3900 dress she wore to Trump’s State of the Union address also attracted) unwanted attention.

There’s no doubt Ivanka’s fashion choice sends a very different message to the one Melania Trump made last month when she accompanied her husband to Italy wearing a $68,500 Dolce & Gabanna coat.

Do you think Ivanka Trump should limit herself to more affordable clothing?